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Welcome to Mad Rover Imports and Sales, we are a specialized European auto-dealership that is dedicated and passionate about cars but more importantly, we are MAD about Land Rovers. We specialize at importing out of reach original, iconic, and classic vehicles to Durham, North Carolina. We take our passion for unique and imported classics to the next level, bringing you legally imported, fully titled, and ready-to-drive vehicles for your enjoyment. We are proud of the vehicle makes and models we bring to the market, that where not originally available for sale in the US. We search the world to find these vehicles so that they can find new homes for clients who will love them and drive them as much as we do.

Here at Mad Rover, we believe a car is more than just a mode of transportation - they are a labor of love - a drivable timepiece that you can enjoy and truly cherish for a lifetime. One of our main goals is dedication to others who are like-minded lovers of adventure, auto enthusiasts, or collectors to attain these legendary vehicles for all to enjoy. We actively search the globe to source and import some of the finest examples of rare, classic, cherished and iconic vehicles, bringing them here to the "Land of the Pines" North Carolina, USA. Our goal is simple, to make these iconic vehicles available to everyone, no matter what your budget may be. So that they can find new homes to be loved and cherished but more importantly to be enjoyed in the manner they are meant to be.

Life's too Short to Drive Boring Cars

A True, Go Anywhere, All Terrain Vehicle!

Land Rover is one of the world's most famous and successful 4x4 manufactures. Regarded by many to produce the best off-road vehicles in the world - Land Rover has a storied pedigree dating back to 1948 with the introduction of the original Land Rover Series I. Styling is no-nonsense and quintessentially British. Off-road performance is unparalleled and the dynamics of each of these vehicles add in an extra level of adventure. Simply put, it's the best 4x4 by far. The toughness and versatility of the original Land Rovers are now legendary and these trucks are built with extreme durability in-mind. With enough torque in the engine these 4x4’s crawl up the Himalayan mountains, puddle through the Amazon jungle, across the African Sahara Desert and are also just as great on the road. It is beyond a doubt that the Land Rover will get you anywhere with its proven heritage and remarkable strength, it is ready for any of life’s adventures. 

Nothing screams adventure like a Land Rover Defender!

The Original Icon

With a mix of superior design, epic quality, and a distinctive British charm, it’s only inevitable that the Land Rover Defender will be a highly sought after collectible. Defenders grew from modest seeds of necessity in the darkness of World War II, to becoming helpful trucks to have around rural British farms. But maybe this heroic heritage has added to the mystique that fueled its legendary vehicle status. If you're looking for a vehicle with character then they definitely deserve your serious consideration. These iconic vehicles get compliments where ever they go and are genuine head turners! Be part of the Land Rover culture and own the last, true “Go Anywhere” vehicle on the planet.

Keep Calm and Rover On!  

Lifes too Short to Drive Boring Cars!

We are specialist at importing rare, original and iconic vehicles to North Carolina, USA. If you do not see the car you desire or want a specific make and model,  let us know and we will be happy to search and import it for you. If you have any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in anyway we can. 

Email: madroverimports@hotmail.com 

Call/Text: 704-787-2622

And you'll be one step closer to your next adventure!

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