Sold but Never Forgotten!

We are proud and excited about all our vehicles we source & import to Durham, NC, so we think our past vehicles are as important as our current ones we have for sale. Check out our previous collection that have already been sold and that have found new homes too go to. 

We have worked with clients all over the US to ship them their dream vehicle, whether your local or across the country.  Just too name a few we have shipped as far and wide as Oregon, Texas, Washington, Michigan, New York, Utah, Colorado and even Alaska. Get a feel for the wide variety of classic and iconic vehicles we have already imported. Each one has there own and a unique story; and we’re here to make sure that story can continue.


1993 Land Rover Defender 110

This Defender 110 was beautifully finished in rare Trocadero red and found a loving new home in Denver, Colorado. Where its out adventuring and exploring the trails of the Rocky Mountains. 


1992 Land Rover Defender 110 HCPU

One of our favorite trucks we have imported so far, a very rare and unique Defender 110 high capacity pick up. Its going to be used for many overland adventures by Hower Overland out west in Bend, Oregon.