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Our story

What We Do

We import and hand pick each of our rare and unique vehicles based on quality, value, and desirability. We source customs compliant vehicles that are legal to import and work closely with the best shipping agents and customs brokers for a worldwide service. Being a native from the Land Rover heartland of Great Britain we have an abundance of connections and resources through out the UK, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. We have operations on both sides of the pond so we can offer a dedicated worldwide services and have physical operations in Europe and the US, so all vehicles are shipped and received by company representatives. We have the advantage of inspecting and driving all of our prospective vehicles before they are even imported. Basically if we wouldn't drive it ourselves we wouldn't try and sell it to you. 

We focus on having vehicles fully titled and registered prior to sale, so that they are 100% legal to own, drive and enjoy. All our vehicles for sale are located in Durham, NC. They are not located halfway around the world, so there's no need to worry about international shipping, getting it through customs, foreign wire transfers, getting the foreign registration titled with the DMV, we have taken care of all the legal and importation issues, leaving you to drive your new vehicle home no questions asked. Our aim is to make the process simple, convenient, transparent and hassle free so that these vehicles can be enjoyed by all and for many years to come. 



Mad about Rovers

We are Mad about Land Rovers, on-road, off-road, 4x4, to work, street use, around town, we drive our Rovers because we love them, because there's nothing like them and the joy they bring when your behind the wheel. Anyone can go out and buy a Jeep, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and be different, then drive the best 4x4 by far. If you want to own a piece of history; if you want to make a sound investment that won’t depreciate in value the second you drive it away, drive an original icon. Land Rover Defender models are now becoming rare, vintage and collectible vehicles since Land Rover ceased production of the Defender models in 2016, so prices are rapidly rising and are a worthy investment. Will they appreciate in value and prove to be good investments? The answer is almost certainly yes, as long as they are cared for. Our focus is on great cars at fantastic values, and usually at prices that virtually everyone can afford. So that they can be accessible to all, enjoyed, and more importantly driven.

If you want a true to form original Land Rover and be the king of cool when you drive down the road, you might have to put up with the steering wheel being on the "Right" side. RHD vehicle controls are the same as a US LHD configuration, gas, clutch, brake pedals and gear stick are all the same, except you are in a right-hand side driving position (ultimate street cred) and using your left hand to shift gears. Nothing crazy that you can't handle or get use to within 15-20 minutes of driving. Once you are familiar with a RHD vehicle they are a pleasure and joy to drive on the open roads and highways of America. So whether you decide to use these machines as a daily driver, or keep it as your weekend toy, or possibly use them for what they are designed for offraod, they will handle anything you throw at them and at least you will look super cool while doing it. On the streets you may get some strange looks and at your local cars & coffee show you will most likely draw all the attention away from the Ferraris's and Porsche's.

Life's too Short to Drive Boring Cars!


A True Icon

Please be aware that 25+ year old Land Rover’s where never designed for comfort, speed, handling, smooth ride,  or really any aspect that you can associate with a modern car today. You buy one because you like them; they are designed to go from point A to B and even if point A and B are separated by a desert, jungle, mud bog, mountain pass, off-road trail and remnants of a once mapped road. They were designed to be serviceable in waist deep water and in the deserts and jungles of the world etc.. They are rugged and charming, they are all over 25+ years old and as such have their unique ticks and rattles here and there.  They are all mechanically sound and ready to be enjoyed. These are essentially farm vehicles, not luxury vehicles, so if you want fancy leather, A/C, cruise controls, ride comfort then these vehicles may not be for you. If you want a vehicle that is fun, charming and full of character, that will get you around with a bit of style and ultimately if you think “life’s too short to drive boring g cars” then these vehicles could be  for you.

What’s a Defender like to drive? It’s an experience to say the least you’ll never forget. Some drivers will love it, others will be so shocked they’ll bail out and run a mile. Even new Defenders can be considered noisy, uncomfortable and unresponsive by the standards of a modern SUV. That would be missing the point, though. These are serious off-road machines, built to tackle any terrain using a manually operated four-wheel drive system with high and low ratios for when the going gets really tough. Nothing can beat it in the rough stuff. The short wheelbase 90 model has a choppy ride; the long-wheelbase 110 feels like a bus. Steering response, braking performance and vehicle stability all require a certain adjustment in driving style. But you learn to live with its quirks and many owners say there’s nothing they’d rather drive.

These are not perfect showroom quality vehicles, so please don't expect a perfect or like new vehicle. We are not a restoration shop, but we do occasionally  offer beautifully restored Defenders for sale. So before you purchase a classic vehicle like a Land Rover, please be aware they are ultimately 25+ year old vehicle and they are rough, tough and rugged. An old car, Land Rover or other, will not be perfect. They are Land Rovers after all. Old ones. They were very agricultural to begin with and they always will be.  A 25+ year old vehicle will do strange things, make odd noises, and require driving.  Defenders can actually look better with faded paint and some battle scars (love marks as we like to call them). A few dings and dents here or there only adds to there overall patina, character and charm. For the vehicles we sell, we like to make sure they are good to go and are in ready to drive condition. 

Land Rover, its a way of life!


The Import Process

Why Mad Rover Imports? Once a car turns 25 years old, it is eligible for importation. That doesn’t mean that a car can just be put on a boat and shipped over to the United States — there’s a procedure in order, and as you can imagine its a complicated and a tricky process. We know your time is valuable so we spare you the headaches of importing. We handle all of the logistics and paperwork as we are the direct registered importers of the vehicles. So theres no need to worry about importing, international shipping, DMV title work or getting it through customs. We have taken care of all the complex and diligent work for you. Take advantage of these rare and iconic vehicles that are sold with a clean and clear North Carolina DMV Title. 

All vehicles have been legally imported to the USA. They have been inspected and approved by Customs Boarder Patrol (CBP), Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and have passed the Division of Motor vehicles (DMV) NC State Inspection and a NC Department of Transport inspection (DOT). All vehicles are sold with a clean NC Title. As we are NC dealer all our vehicles are required to pass a 3rd party NC State safety inspection prior to sale. This process insures that the vehicle you purchase is 100% legal and safe which adds security to your investment and tremendous value to the vehicle in the event you choose to sell it in the future. With all the intricacies surrounding buying and importing a classic car, having a professional on the case saves you time, money, and hopefully gives you peace of mind to acquire your own dream vehicle.

The Spirit of Adventure


The Land of Land Rovers, truly phenomenal, inspirational and why we love them.

One it

Good to Go!

When serviced accordingly, these vehicles are reliable work horses with the ability to take you to the ends of the world, or to a nice dinner downtown. When people say that Land Rovers have reliability issues, it has everything to do with how the vehicle is kept and maintained. We believe that there aren’t unreliable Land Rovers, only unreliable owners that skip the maintenance they need. 

All vehicles are imported with a United Kingdom Ministry of Transport (MOT) inspection certificate of roadworthiness and safety, see FAQ for more information.  As we are NC dealer all our vehicles are required to pass a NC State safety inspection prior to sale. Pre-Purchase Inspections can be arranged at a local independent Land Rover specialist (no affiliation) for any potential buyers at their expense, please inquire for more information.


One Life, Live it!