A Touch of Royalty


A Car fit for The Queen

Of course, a touch of royalty certainly doesn’t hurt…. Land Rover a car fit for the Queen. The original Land Rover isn't just a motoring icon; it's one of the Queen's all-time favorite vehicles and she was known to be a big fan of Defenders over the years. Queen Elizabeth II, who was the princess at the time, stepped out of a Series I Land Rover all the way back in 1951 to deliver the King’s Colors to the Royal Air Force. Some 67 years later, she still uses Land Rover Defenders as her primary means of transportation.


Royal Fans

Queen Elizabeth II has always been a Land Rover admire, having owned several over the decades, and she can still be seen roving the countryside from time to time. More than just Royal transport, military and expedition workhorse, the Land Rover quickly became associated with the powerful and the stylish. In 1954, Winston Churchill received his own Land Rover for his 80th birthday, custom-fitted with an extra-wide seat, heated footwell and wooden box for his bricklaying tools. In 1957, Marilyn Monroe famously posed in a swimsuit with a white Rover Series I, and Steve McQueen was photographed in 1963 with a Land Rover for Life magazine while on a camping trip in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Other notable owners over the years include Bill Murray, Ralph Lauren, Sean Connery, Paul McCartney and David Beckham.


In fact, most of the Royal families use variations of Land Rovers and Defenders as the main car when driving to both private and public functions. Over the years Land Rovers have ferried the Queen at countless ceremonial events and she's been pictured behind the wheel of countless Land Rover vehicles, but the royal relationship with the brand goes back to 1948 and carries on to this day.